Plans for Do It Yourself CNC Machines

The tables are
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to build
  • Accurate for the cost
The table parts are primarily off-the-shelf from home centers and hardware stores.
Part descriptions and online sources for the other components are provided in the plans.

The plans include hundreds of images and dimensioned drawings with step by step written instructions.


Rapids at thirty five to hundreds of inches per minute depending on the leadscrews and drive components.


Very good for the cost. Pictures are worth thousands of words.

Tables' Cost

13 x 13 Fixed Gantry ~$120
10 x 9 Fixed Gantry ~$150
25 x 25 Dual Leadscrew ~$300
18 x 24 V Bearing ~$650
24 x 48 Rack/Leadscrew ~$600 and up, depending on the components used.

These estimates do not include the stepper and drive packages and router/spindle.

The smaller machines can carry a trim router, and the 24x48 Rack and Pinion or Leadscrew machine can use a full sized router.
These plans do not include directions for the software and electronics because the suppliers cover this information for their own products.
These plans do give directions for deriving the Step per Inch values that are needed to configure the software for these machines.
The machines were all designed to use NEMA 23 stepper and drive components such as those from Geckodrive, Xylotex and HobbyCNC.
Mach3 and TurboCNC are popular controller software options. Other software and motor suppliers can be used.
The above vendors work with the Do It Yourself market and have help forums and documentation.