25 x 25 x 6 Dual Leadscrew Machine

A simple and solid machine with a large cutting area for a low cost.

25 x 25 Open Front CNC Machine on Stand.
25 x 25 machine with stand.
Simple parts
  • Primarily cross cuts
  • No curved cuts
  • Includes printable templates
Basic tools
  • No table saw needed
  • No band, jig or coping saws
  • No taps or dies
Simple raw materials
  • Made of stock sized 1x4, 2x4, etc.
  • No plywood or MDF
  • One size of steel pipe
  • One size of aluminum angle
Variety of leadscrews
  • Stock 36 inch length
  • Can use 5/16-18 hardware store rod
  • Up to 1/2 inch multi-start Acme
  • Easy upgrades


These plans are for builders who have a minimum of tools and only modest shop experience.

The plans include detailed step by step directions with dimensioned drawings of all parts.

This machine is made of stock sized boards (1x4, 2x4, etc.) that are cut to length and drilled.
A power miter saw will cut parts quickly and cleanly.

Full scale templates of many components are included. These can be printed on standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper.

The measures are in fractions of inches, not decimal inches, so carpenters' measuring tools will serve well.

CNC Machine made of 1x4, 2x4 etc.
Machine is made of standard
sized lumber (1x4, 2x4, 1x6, 2x6).

Building Cost

The cost for the All Thread version of this machine, not including the trim router and stepper-drive package is ~$300.
This roughly breaks down as follows:
Bearings ~$50
Pulleys and belt~$50
Home center components (wood, pipe, hardware)~$200
These are inch sized components.

Stepper and drive packages start at $270.
Trim routers start at $80.

The cost of the leadscrews and leadnuts will range from less than $20 total with all axes using hardware store All Thread, to over $50 for each axis, when precision Acme is used.
Directions for these options are included.

The leadscrews can be changed after the machine is built. The machine can initially be built with All Thread, and later be upgraded as need and budget warrant.

Materials list.pdf (Scroll to see four pages.)

Steppers and Speeds

NEMA 23 steppers move each axis. This is a standard size that is available in many stepper and drive packages.

The prototype machines used the Xylotex and HobbyCNC steppers and drives with torque ranges from 269 to 425 oz.in.
Other systems can be used. However, steppers below 250 oz.in. are not recommended.

The speeds range from 30 inches per minute with 5/16-18 hardware store threaded rod, to 200+ ipm with multi-start Acme leadscrews.

The machine uses a trim router. Its power is compatible with the wooden construction and the popular steppers and drives.


CNC Machine Folded For Storage

The plans include directions for a stand that is made of 1x4 boards.

The stand permits the machine to be swung down, and rolled away for storage.
In this position it can fit through 28 inch doorways.

25 x 25 Basic CNC Machine
Basic CNC machine body.

Included are directions for a basic version of the machine that can be used alone with no table bed or stand.

This unit can sit directly on top of the stock, so it is capable of cutting any sized stock including floors.


The machine has a cutting area of 25 x 25 x 6 inches, with a footprint of 33 x 38 inches. It was designed to be as inexpensive and simple as possible while using standard 36 inch leadscrews.

These considerations limited the size, but the machine can be enlarged. However, the systems in this machine are not as robust as those in the 24x48 rack/leadscrew machine, which was designed to cut more aggressively.


This machine uses USA home center parts; therefore, it is sized in imperial units.

Here is a PDF page that lists the metric sizes of the home center parts. The page also includes a tool list.

Table of Contents.pdf
Materials list.pdf
Notes and Corrections
These plans do not include directions for the software and electronics because the suppliers cover this information for their own products.
These plans do give directions for deriving the Step per Inch values that are needed to configure the software for these machines.
The machines were all designed to use NEMA 23 stepper and drive components such as those from Geckodrive, Xylotex and HobbyCNC.
Mach3 and TurboCNC are popular controller software options. Other software and motor suppliers can be used.
The above vendors work with the Do It Yourself market and have help forums and documentation.
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The 13x13 is included with these 25x25 plans.

These plans are also in the Three Plans set, which includes the 13x13, 25x25 and the 24x48.

The plans are also in the Five Plans bundle, which includes the 10x9, 13x13, 18x24, 25x25 and 24x48.
25x25 CNC Machine
25x25 Dual Leadscrew
Also includes the 13x13
25x25 Plan
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Three Plans
The 13x13, 25x25 and 24x48
digitally delivered as one PDF.

Three Plans
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All five CNC plans
digitally delivered as one PDF.

Five Plans
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