Belt Drive Machine

These plans are no longer available. The 24x48 rack/leadscrew machine replaces the belt drive.

Belt Drive Machine
After this machine's development, more CNC components became available for the DIY market. The part limitations that this table was built to address no longer exist.

The build price of the newer 24x48 rack/leadscrew machine is comparable to the cost of this belt drive machine, and the 24x48 machine can carry a full sized router.
Belts are forgiving of misalignment. However, they can rebound under high accelerations, which can cause the router bit to leave a wiggly trail as it bounces back into line.
This is resolved by slowing the stepper's acceleration in the software. The feed-rate can remain high, so the stock can still be cut quickly.

The longer the belt, the more rebound there will be. Long belts are costly, and all belts wear with use.

Rack and pinion, and leadscrew drive machines are not as efficient as belt drive machines, but the components usually last longer, and they are capable of more aggressive work.

This machine's sales dropped with the introduction of the 24x48. The costs associated with offering the plans for this machine were greater than its income, and the plans were discontinued.