These cabinets were designed to be cut from one sheet of 3/4 inch MDF or plywood.
The dimensions are at the bottom of this page.

The cabinets were g-coded for our 4x8 machine. The g-codes have been lost.

The directions shared here are for cutting with saws.
There is no face frame. The doors are cut wide to allow room for a rabbet cut so the doors can be partially recessed. Second photo.

Standard cabinet hinges hold the doors.

Handles and casters make the units handy as portable work surfaces, which can be dragged around the shop.

There is material for three shelves. The shelves can be spaced to hold plastic shoe boxes, as shown above. The shelves are not structural, so any arrangement is possible.
Door on Cabinet
Rabbet edge of doors.
Construction is straightforward.

The Sides and Back sit on top of the Bottom.
The Top sits on top of the Sides and Back.
All joints are butt joints. See drawing.

Glue and 1-5/8 inch drywall screws hold the slabs together.

The unit is 28 inches tall without casters. Casters add around 3 inches.
Cabinet Assembly
Cabinet carcass.
In the drawing below, note the 52-1/8 inch measure on the top edge.
The extra 1/8 inch is for the kerf that will be lost between the two Sides, and the Bottom and Top. This is shown with the dark line.
This 52-1/8 inch distance can be cut at the store to make transport of the stock easier, or it can be the first cut in the home shop.
Cabinet Dimensions
Cabinet cut from one sheet of plywood.