Cable Desk
Desks are made of stock size boards
that are cut to length.

Tools and Construction

The cable desk was designed to use a minimum of tools and to be straightforward to build.

No stationary tools such as a table saw or planer are needed. The wood is neither ripped nor planed and there are no mandatory angle cuts.

The wooden components are simply cross cut to length and drilled. A power miter saw speeds construction but a hand saw will work.

The 2x3, 2x4 and 1x8 boards could be cut at the homecenter at the time of purchase if the store offers the service.
Measure Hole Locations
Measure hole locations.
Punch mark the centers.
Drill the holes.

Recesses and through holes are drilled in the wood.

Spade or Forstner bits are used for the recesses and larger holes.

The holes can be drilled with a hand held drill. A drill press is not needed to build the cable desk.
Spade or Paddle Bit
Spade bit.
Recess in 2x3
Recess in 2x3.
The cable desk does not use any aluminum. The only metal that is drilled is copper, which is soft and can be drilled with a hand held drill.

Two holes are drilled in two copper couplings as shown.

These holes could be cut, filed or ground as notches instead of being drilled.
Two holes in copper coupling.
Drill Coupling
Drilling holes in copper coupling.
Socket wrenches or nut drivers of 7/16 and 1/2 inch are used to tighten nuts and bolts that are in the recesses in the cable desk.

All measures are in fractional inches, not decimal inches, so carpenter's measuring tools serve well. A combination square is helpful.

Locking pliers (Vise Grips) and needle nose pliers simplify construction but are not mandatory.

The other tools are the basics including center punch, file, screwdrivers, and small wrenches.
Socket wrench tightens recessed nut in cable desk.
Trimmed Desk Foot
Feet can be cut for appearance.
As shown in the photo, the feet can be cut with curves or angles for appearance, but the desk will work fine with the boards simply cross-cut to length.
Cut Pilaster
Hacksaw cutting pilaster strip.
The small amount of metal that is used in the cable desk can be cut with a hand held hacksaw.

The metal includes a 3/8 inch diameter threaded rod that is used for the axle. An optional pilaster strip also is cut to length as shown.

Also used are two 2 foot long pieces of 1/8 inch thick steel flat bar. The flat bar can also be purchased online with no additional cutting fees because its length is in even feet.
Lowes often sells flat bar in 3 or 4 foot sections, which will have to be cut.
Gearbox for leadscrew desk.
There are aluminum parts on the leadscrew desk, and a small drill press and Forstner bits simplify construction.

A power saw with carbide teeth for cutting the leadscrew desk's aluminum components is also helpful.

There is no aluminum in the simpler cable desk.

Cable desk materials (PDF).

Leadscrew desk's materials and contents. (PDF).

Purchasing the Plans

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The file is large for an e-book because of the hundreds of photos. The document has been compressed so it can be downloaded with a variety of internet connections. The photos have compression artifacts at higher zoom levels; the text is unaffected.
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