Purchasing the Plans

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Begin the purchasing process by clicking a "Buy Now" button in the tables on this page. This will automatically redirect you via E-Junkie, the digital downloading service, to the PayPal site.

Once the payment details have been completed, a link to the download will be given via the website and in an email.
(Make sure that your PayPal email address is correct.)

The download link is active for 24 hours. Email me for a fresh link if needed.

When you click the download link, a box similar to the example below will open.

In the box, click the "Save File" option, and then click the OK button.
The file will not save to your computer if the "Save File" button is not clicked.

Download Notice

After the file is downloaded, an "Open Folder" button may appear in the download box. Click the button to be taken to the folder that contains the plans. Then click the plan's name to open the file.

The file may automatically be saved to your computer's "Downloads" folder, but it may be saved in another folder. This can make the downloaded file challenging to find.

When the file is not easily found, use your computer's search feature to find the file.

In the example above, the search term could be 13x13, and the search window would list files with 13x13 in their name. Click on the file name in the search list to open it.


Digital Plans Information

The digitally delivered plans are PDF documents that have been compressed so they can be downloaded over most internet connections. There are hundreds of images in the plans, so the plans' file sizes are larger than typical ebooks.

The compression has been pushed as far as possible before it severely affects image quality.

The downloaded plans can be printed and copied for your own use. The plans are edit locked and have a unique transaction number printed on the margin of each page.

Template Information

The templates in the plans are scaled for US standard 8-1/2 x 11 inch printer paper.

Some printers may alter the original sizes. This can be corrected in the printer's dialogue box by setting the margins to none, and/or by changing the print scale settings.
The dimensions are printed on the templates, so the templates can still be used as guides when the print scaling is incorrect.

All plans, except the 13x13, include templates.
The files are delivered from Amazon's S3 web storage service, which is usually fast.

The download times will vary greatly due to network traffic and the local internet connection.

The table below gives rough estimates of the download times.
  Plan Manual  File Size Dial-Up
 (33.6 Kbps)
 Basic DSL
 (256 Kbps)
 Basic Cable
 (1 Mbps)
  10x9 8 MB 50 minutes  6.3 minutes  1.5 minutes
  18x24 7.4 MB 46 minutes  5.8 minutes  1.4 minutes
  13x13 4.4 MB 30 minutes  3.5 minutes  1 minute
  25x25 with 13x13 14.6 MB 1.5 hours  12 minutes  3 minutes
  24x48 with 13x13 14.8 MB 1.5 hours  12 minutes  3 minutes
  Three Plans
 25.3 MB 2.5 hours  20 minutes  5 minutes
  Five Plans
 32.4 MB 3.2 hours  26 minutes  6.4 minutes

To download the plans, click a Buy Now button in the following tables.

You will be forwarded to PayPal via Ejunkie, the downloading service.

All five CNC plans
digitally delivered as one PDF.

Five Plans
Buy Now

The size is 32,351 KB (32.4 MB)
The file name is 5_plans.pdf

10x9 Plan
Buy Now

The file size is 7,930 KB (8 MB)
The file name is 10x9_plans.pdf

13x13 Plan
Buy Now

The file size is 4,382 KB (4.4 MB)
The file name is 13x13_plans.pdf

13x13 & 10x9 Plans
Buy Now

The size is 9,631 KB (9.7 MB)
The file name is 13x13_10x9.pdf

18 x 24 V Bearing CNC Machine
18x24 V Bearing
18x24 Plan
Buy Now

The file size is 7,402 KB (7.4 MB)
The file name is 18x24_plans.pdf

25x25 CNC Machine
25x25 Dual Leadscrew
Also includes the 13x13
25x25 Plan
Buy Now

The file size is 14,643 KB (14.6 MB)
The plans are downloaded as one PDF.
The file name is 25x25_13x13_plans.pdf

 24x48 CNC Machine
24x48 Rack / Leadscrew
Also includes the 13x13
24x48 Plan
Buy Now

The file size is 15,014 KB (15 MB)
The plans are downloaded as one PDF.
The file name is 24x48_13x13_plans.pdf


Three Plans
The 13x13, 25x25 and 24x48
digitally delivered as one PDF.

Three Plans
Buy Now

The file size is 25,275 KB (25.3 MB)
The file name is 24x48_25x25_13x13_plans.pdf


NOTICE:  That which makes CNC machines useful also makes them dangerous; they move without direct human control.
A CNC table MUST have an easily accessible Emergency Stop button. The table must be in a safe location where it is inaccessible to children and unauthorized users; these are not toys, even a small machine can inflict serious injury. You, the user of these plans, assume all liability and responsibility for the construction process and the product you create.

Copyright © 2018 David Steele

David Steele is the copyright owner of these plans. In consideration for payment, David Steele grants a license to use the plans for the purpose of building a machine for personal use.
The license is not assignable.
Contact Email

The email address is:
ds AT solsylva DOT com
This address is also used to send the download links.

Email is answered frequently during daylight hours US Eastern Time. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours it is because an email was lost in route.
Possible reasons for no response include a misspelled email address, an over-quota email account, or an aggressive spam filter.
Please check these potential problems and re-send the email.

Thanks again and good luck with your projects!
David Steele