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G-Code and DXF Files

The gcodes and dxf files work on my systems but they may not be compatible with others. They are in two sections so they can be cut on smaller CNC machines.
The stand is made of ½ inch plywood. A spoil board under the stock is recommended.

Video Transcript

This is the last video in a four part series on powering a hand cranked food grinder or grain mill with a power drill. This video is about the stand the holds the components together. The stand is simple, but it is the result of a number of trials.

The drill has to be properly oriented or it will lift when under load. This scrap made prototype works well enough, but it is clunky. Its successor looks better, but it is not adjustable, so it cannot work with different types of food grinders and grain mills. Another drawback is it requires both thick and thin stock.

The next version uses only plywood but it is not stable.
The back of the stand has to be securely tied to the front.
Also the back is over a foot long, which can be a problem with smaller CNC machines.
Now feature creep begins to sneak in.
The next prototype is cut to fit in a flat rate envelope so it can be inexpensively mailed to or from a friend.

This final version has an enlarged drill plate so a post can be installed to support the drill. The front of the leg is recessed so a bowl can more easily fit under the grinder.

The g-codes are in two sets so the parts can be cut on smaller machines.
This is the 18 by 24 machine cutting the front and back pieces. And here it is cutting the remaining pieces

The bridges are cut to release the parts from the stock. An old chisel with a plate screwed to the top of the handle works well. The pieces require sanding. They are then trimmed so they will fit.
This is a compromise that accommodates the limitations of using a quarter inch router bit. The holes are used to position the matching pilot holes. The parts are then glued and screwed together. Finish washers can be used, or the CNC drilled holes can be countersunk.

The axle support yoke is held in place with a quarter-twenty by one and a half inch carriage bolt, and wing nut with a washer. This permits adjustment so it can match a variety of grinders and mills.

The drill’s speed is controlled with a clamp made of metal banding strap. It is bent to fit around the drill handle.
Holes are drilled and tapped for a quarter-twenty bolt. A wing-nut tightened to the bolt’s end makes it easier to turn.
This finger sized oak stick was sheared by this drill powered food grinder. Be careful..

It is important to have an easy to reach kill switch.
A plug-in switch works well.
Install the grinder, drill and gearbox and the system is ready to work.

There is more information on my site. Thanks for watching!


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