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Camera Phone Lens Hood
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Camera Phone Lens Hood
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Printable Templates

The templates can be printed on 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper. They are sized on a one to one scale. The scaling can be checked with the dimensions of the bounding boxes on the templates.

Video Transcript

This video is about a lens hood for a camera phone. A hood reduces lens flare. It also helps to frame images from the front of the camera when the view finder is out of sight.

The hood can be made of poster board or cereal box cardboard. This one is made of part of an aluminum dryer duct. The metal is thin and is easy to work.

The template is for a 60 by 40 degree field of view. The template is taped to the stock and the vertices are punch marked. These marks will be used later for layout.
The stock is cut according to the template. The thin metal can be cut with scissors; metal working shears are unnecessary.

The stock is scored between the punch parks. The stock is bent according to the template. Pliers can sharpen the bends.

A straight edge serves as a hand held brake for the longer bends. The aluminum fatigues easily and the bends may begin to split.
The clip that ties the hood to the phone is also cut from the stock. It will have to be designed to fit the size of the phone.

The clip is trimmed as needed to fit around the phone's buttons. The stiffer metal holds to the camera better than the cardboard. A rubber band can be used to hold a cardboard version to the phone.

The tabs on the base of the hood are on the outside of the clip. The clip's tabs are on the inside of the hood. The hood's edges are connected and reinforced with tape.
Foil tape works well with the aluminum. The blisters in the tape can be worked out with a fingernail, a popsicle stick or similar.

The clip is taped to the hood. The sharp corners are trimmed and the edges are sanded smooth. The unit is painted flat black and slid into place.

This hood is inexpensive, easy to make and serves well. I have posted other videos of similar projects, and there are templates on my website, Solsylva.com. Thanks for watching!